St. Mary Parish Fire Protection District #11

District 11 Fire Chief Clarence Clark


 Clarence Clark         as Fire Chief for St. Mary P
Clarence Clark is the Fire Chief for the St.Mary Parish Fire Protection District #11. He began his fire fighting career in September 2003, starting as an explorer with Jeanerette Fire Department in November 2004 he promoted to Firefighter. In 2006 Chief Clark became a Vol. Assistant chief for Jeanerette. Also in that year he started his career with Chitimacha Fire Protection as a firefighter. While at Chitimacha Fire Protection, he received his Medical First Responder, Firefighter I and II, Hazardous Material Awareness and Operation, and Driver Operator-Pumper. In 2010 Clark was promoted to Firefighter First Class. In that same year Chief Clark returned to College at Louisiana State University at Eunice to pursue a degree in Fire Science. Currently he is 12 credit hours away from his degree. In March 2011 Clark departed Chitimacha Fire Protection for personal reasons. In April of that same year he accepted the position as Fire Chief for the St. Mary Parish Fire Protection District #11. Under his leadership he has built the department to over 30 active firefighters, over seen the purchase of a new pumper, service unit, and air trailer. He improved the quality of in-house training for the volunteer members and pushed the district's members to gain training and certification through L.S.U.-F.E.T.I., implement an open door policy. Also, created a well define explorer program, and was approved for a $251,000 grant through F.E.M.A. to update air packs. He is the son of Willie and Gail Tate Clark. And was the youngest Fire Chief in St. Mary Parish History.