St. Mary Parish Fire Protection District #11

St. Mary Parish Fire Protection District #11, consist of one main station an three sub stations , the main station is located in Four Corners and sub-stations in Sorrell, Glencoe, and Louisa , Louisiana.

Central Station/Four Corners Community, Station #1
1205  Big Four Corners Rd.
Jeanerette, LA 70544
Houses 1 Inservice and Reserve Class A Pumper, 1 Service / Tanker, 1 Rescue Unit and 1 Brush Unit.

Sorrel Community, Sub-Station #2
137 Sorrel Bridge Approach Rd.
Jeanerette, LA. 70544
Houses 1 Class A Pumper, and 1 Reserve Service Unit

Glencoe Community, Sub-Station #3
4345 Hwy 83.
Franklin, La. 70538
Houses 1 Class A Pumper along with Air Trailer

Louisa/Port of West St. Mary Community, Sub-Station #4
330 Alice B. Road
Franklin, LA 70538
Houses 1 Class A Pumper